Renovation for cherished furniture

High Wycombe based Leocraft has been renovating and restoring clients' cherished possessions for over 30 years.

Founded by a third generation Wycombe furniture manufacturer; Leocraft primarily deals with wooden furniture, pianos, mirrors as well as architectural woodwork such as stairs and fireplaces

It would be easy for us to describe ourselves as antique restorers but much of our current work is not that old. Currently we are seeing far more items of a sentimental nature. Much loved furniture that is part of the family, often recently inherited, which needs freshening up, repaired and restored to an acceptable condition.

Whilst some restorers attempt to project an exclusive image , we prefer to take our lead from you. Whether you want an expensive piece restored or granddad's wonky chair put right we will treat both with the same respect and quality If it's important to you - It's important to us

The pictures on this page show before and after shots of a much abused Carlton Desk Stored for years in a pigeon loft we are able to restore it to its previous glory. Most of our work does not need this degree of work